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Specialists in Line-marking

Sydney Pro Line Marking provides all types of road line marking, car park line marking, industrial floor line marking, warehouse floor line marking, sports ground and playground line marking services in Sydney.

We also supply and install all types of safety accessories like Convex Mirrors, Bollards, Wheel Stoppers, etc.

While we focus on quality utilising durable and high-quality materials, along with highly skilled crews, we are committed to delivering the jobs within a reasonable budget and timeframe considering all aspects of safety at work and minimal environmental impact.

Our line marking service covers all of Sydney.

RMS Approved line marking paint

Car parks and any space to do with vehicle traffic line marks whether it's for a residential for example strata managed car parks or commercial complex car parks or loading zones, needs to comply with special paint specifications which are defined by RMS Authorities and expected to pass these regulations by RMS.


Over the years, Sydney Pro Line Marking has mastered these types of Line markings which ticks all checkboxes of RMS authorities. with us, you have peace of mind that your line marking project will pass the first time when inspected by RMS inspectors. our guarantee.


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Epoxy Line Marking

Safety at workplaces like a warehouse or a factory is a mandatory criterion from OH&S perspective by the Australian Government, and according to the law in Australia Safety of the workers or visitors must consider as first priority by businesses, thus line marking as a part of safety is needed in almost every workplace like warehouses and each factory floors.

epoxy line marking

amongst different line marking types, epoxy line marking is the most suitable type in terms of material durability and safety for the warehouses and factory floors applications, chemical resistant, durable, and easy maintenance makes this type of line marking the first option to be considered for such applications. we can help you with Epoxy Line Marking for your warehouse or factory floor in Sydney.


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MMA Line Marking

MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) Cold Plastic is a two-component road marking paint. It is an extremely durable product used at high-stress traffic location such as roundabouts, junctions and heavily trafficked roads. The product is currently available as a screed applied system. The technology used to develop MMA Cold Plastic has been successfully used throughout Australia for many years in hot and cold climates.

MMA line marking

While the initial cost is higher than conventional thermoplastic materials, MMA Cold Plastic will have an increased service life when used at high-stress locations.

Sydney Pro Line Marking can help you with MMA Line Marking job for your Sydney wide.


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Thermoplastic Line Marking

Thermoplastic road marking paint also called hot melt marking paint, is a kind of powder paint. When applied as road surface markings, a hot melt kettle is used to heat it to 200 °C to melt the powder, after which it is sprayed on the road surface. The coating then becomes a hard, polymer line after cooling. This paint is a thick coating as is wear-resisting, bright and reflective.

thermoplastic line marking

In recent years, practical applications tests have proved that the marking lines lack surface roughness and can easily cause wheel slip, resulting in a traffic accident in rainy weather. Therefore, some countries once restricted the use of this paint. To increase the antiskid performance of the line, thermoplastic paint has added reflective glass beads. Thermoplastic can be used very effectively for large Anti-skid areas on roads and pedestrian walkways by adding glass beads. It can be produced in any colour and is great for car parks, factory walkways and many other areas. It's fast-drying and can be driven over after just a few minutes.

Sydney Pro Line Marking can help you with Thermoplastic Line Marking applications for your job, Sydney wide.


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Existing Line Marks Removal Service

Sometimes because of an upgrade or rearrangements of the layout of an area, it is needed to remove existing line marks, depending on the type of line marks and the type of the material used in floors this process varies and the tools and skillset need to suit the method.

line marking removal

Ideally, the goal is to remove the line marks with the least visible damage on the surface of the floor, Sydney Pro Line Marking with over 10 years of experience can accomplish this requirement for your line marks removal job, Sydney wide.


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Concrete Grinding & Sealing

Our unique system designed to create beautifully refined polished concrete flooring. You’ll not find this system elsewhere as it is the culmination of years of experience and experimentation by our MD Austin, designed to surpass all other polished concrete systems on the market. It truly is innovative and we’re all very proud of it here at Sydney Pro Line Marking.


Having spent close to a decade grinding and polishing concrete we’ve seen pretty much every aspect of the industry, both the very good and the shockingly bad. Many would assume that the process of floor polishing is just a simple process of moving back and forth with some polishing equipment or at best, a grinder or two. Due to the very changeable nature of concrete, the reality is completely different, and it requires a lot of skill to understand what is required when the process you used on a previous job won’t work on the next one.

If you need an astonishing polished and seal-coated concrete floor we can help you; we service Sydney wide.


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Steam High-Pressure Cleaning

We provide a high-pressure washing and steam cleaning service for commercial and industrial properties.

High-pressure washing and cleaning for building facades including brickwork, concrete, cladding and all surfaces.

Steam cleaning offers highly effective environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection, which can remove heavy residues of grease or partially burnt remains from kitchen surfaces and food production arrears.

high-pressure cleaning

Steam cleaning can also be used as an excellent way to remove dirt and contaminants in toilets, washrooms, canteens, shower areas, wall and tiled surfaces, non slip floors and surgery/treatment rooms.

We service Sydney wide.


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Car Park Safety Accessories

Besides Line Marking Service, we have a large selection of products dedicated to car parks and vehicular traffic. We have a variety of products available on our next day delivery service to enable the customer receives their product as a matter of urgency, subject to stock levels.

Car Parks safety accessories

Car park equipment and traffic management products we have in our printed catalogue and online shop are:
- Speed ramps
- Speed table
- Parking posts
- Parking blocks
- Bollards
- Traffic and car park barriers
- Traffic mirrors
- Flow plates
- Traffic and construction barriers
- Column, corner and impact protectors

Our car park and traffic products are designed with health and safety in mind to reduce accidents whilst maximising/ minimising traffic flow as required. We also have products to secure your car parks such as car park barriers, parking posts and perimeter barriers which can deter theft. It isn’t just commercial car parks that can benefit from our products as many residential properties are using parking posts/ barriers to safeguard their vehicles and to deter theft.

If you require your products to be installed within your commercial car park or at your home please feel free to contact us and arrange for a quotation as Sydney Pro Line Marking can arrange for your products to be installed to provide the full supply and installation service Sydney wide.


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Why Hire Us?

At Sydney pro-line marking we have 10 years of experience excelling customer satisfaction. our main goal is to deliver high-quality jobs utilising durable material in the field of line marking for a wide variety of applications to mention car parks, workspaces, industrial floors, recreational & educational grounds like sports grounds and playgrounds for schools. with our service, you can rest assured that you will get the best outcome for your line marking job.

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